Inknut Antiqua reviewed on Typo​graph​ica​.org

Shel­ley Gru­end­ler was so kind as to review Inknut Anti­qua for Typo​graph​ica​.org, as part of the ‘Our Favor­ite Typefaces of 2014’ series.

Shel­ley writes “Inknut demon­strates what can hap­pen when a per­son with an excel­lent eye for both his­tor­ical and present-​day type design attempts some­thing new — and suc­ceeds.

You can down­load Inknut Anti­qua here. Inknut Anti­qua is pub­lished under the SIL Open Font License.

I’m presenting at the 2013 ATypI conference in Amsterdam

My ATypI 2013 present­a­tion has been sched­uled for Sunday 13th of Octo­ber at 14:25. I hope to see you all there, it’s going to be awesome.

My present­a­tion will deal with the trans­ition from print pub­lish­ing to screen-​based pub­lish­ing, and what this means for the way we design and typeset.

Vogue España’s new responsive website uses Playfair Display throughout

¡Strike a pose! Vogue España’s new respons­ive site uses Play­fair Dis­play through­out, and it doesn’t look half bad. They are also self-​hosting the font files as the license allows for.

To make Play­fair Dis­play look its best, the spa­cing has been reg­u­lated in CSS for each size. You can check out the site here.

Vogue España website

TypeTalks 2013

I will be present­ing at the 2013 TypeTalks in Brno, Czech Repub­lic, on the 6–7th of Septem­ber 2013.

My present­a­tion is entitled Post-​paper, and on the grand trans­ition from pub­lish­ing to paper, to pub­lish­ing to screens, and how this neces­sit­ates the devel­op­ment of new design con­ven­tions and tropes. I hope to see you there.

Playfair Display now available in Monotype’s SkyFonts service

All the Google Fonts includ­ing Play­fair Dis­play are now avail­able in Monotype’s Sky­Fonts ser­vice. The applic­a­tion can be down­loaded, and the fonts can be browsed and selec­ted here. Fur­ther­more, fonts are auto­mat­ic­ally updated to latest ver­sions, and the selec­ted fonts are synced across your com­puters.
Google Fonts in SkyFonts


Play­fair Dis­play Black Italic is used to good effect in this art exhib­i­tion cata­logue designed by Chris­tian Ramsø.Skyggebilleder

New website for the Chancellery of the Polish Prime minister uses Playfair Display

The design­ers of the web­site for the Chan­cellery of the Pol­ish Prime min­is­ter have chosen to use Play­fair Dis­play as the main typeface.

The Open Source license means that the chan­cellery can self-​serve the webfont-​files, which they do. Visit the site here http://​premier​.gov​.pl

New website for the Chancellery of the Polish Prime minister uses Playfair Display


Play­fair Dis­play have been updated. It now cov­ers the cyril­lic glyphs used in Bul­garian, Belarus­ian, Rus­sian, Bosnian/​Serbian (includ­ing Ser­bian mor­pho­logy for б), and Ukrainian.

Addi­tion­ally, Play­fair Dis­play now comes in three weights and two styles, includ­ing small-​caps for all weights and styles – also for the cyrillic.

Go to Google Web­fonts to use Play­fair Dis­play as a web­font, or to down­load the fonts to your com­puter. Spe­cial fonts con­tain­ing small-​cap glyphs in the place of the lower­case glyphs have also been put on Google Web­fonts. Use these fonts for true small-​caps in browsers without Open­Type cap­ab­il­it­ies. You do not need to down­load these fonts as the small-​caps are already in Play­fair Dis­play proper.

As you may know, Play­fair Dis­play is pub­lished under the Open Font License 1.1, grant­ing you license to use the fonts free of charge, and enables you to extend & modify the fam­ily should you wish to. The com­plete source-​files are avail­able here.

I hope users of the cyril­lic script will find good use for Play­fair Dis­play, and I wish you much enjoy­ment with it.

Playfair available through Adobe Edge Web Fonts

Adobe’s recent acquis­i­tion Typekit has partnered up with Google Web Fonts to offer a selec­tion of the Google Web Fonts avail­able through Adobe Edge Web Fonts, a new free web font service.

Play­fair Dis­play is included in this selec­tion, and I hope it will find even more use among the many web design­ers and coders.

Adobe Edge Web Fonts website

‘ttfautohint’ as a Service updated to 0.9

Fol­low­ing up on the ttfauto­hint as a ser­vice, here is an updated ser­vice with the 0.9 bin­ary. Just down­load, un-​zip, and double-​click on the ttfauto­hint work­flow. OS X will prompt you to open or install, choose install, and choose to replace the exist­ing work­flow. This ser­vice only works in OS X Lion 10.7 and newer.

Down­load ttfautohint-0.9-as-Service