Inknut Antiqua reviewed on

Shelley Gruendler was so kind as to review Inknut Antiqua for, as part of the ‘Our Favorite Typefaces of 2014’ series.

Shelley writes “Inknut demonstrates what can happen when a person with an excellent eye for both historical and present-day type design attempts something new — and succeeds.

You can download Inknut Antiqua here. Inknut Antiqua is published under the SIL Open Font License.

I’m presenting at the 2013 ATypI conference in Amsterdam

My ATypI 2013 presentation has been scheduled for Sunday 13th of October at 14:25. I hope to see you all there, it’s going to be awesome.

My presentation will deal with the transition from print publishing to screen-based publishing, and what this means for the way we design and typeset.

Vogue España’s new responsive website uses Playfair Display throughout

¡Strike a pose! Vogue España’s new responsive site uses Playfair Display throughout, and it doesn’t look half bad. They are also self-hosting the font files as the license allows for.

To make Playfair Display look its best, the spacing has been regulated in CSS for each size. You can check out the site here.

Vogue España website

TypeTalks 2013

I will be presenting at the 2013 TypeTalks in Brno, Czech Republic, on the 6–7th of September 2013.

My presentation is entitled Post-paper, and on the grand transition from publishing to paper, to publishing to screens, and how this necessitates the development of new design conventions and tropes. I hope to see you there.

Playfair Display now available in Monotype’s SkyFonts service

All the Google Fonts including Playfair Display are now available in Monotype’s SkyFonts service. The application can be downloaded, and the fonts can be browsed and selected here. Furthermore, fonts are automatically updated to latest versions, and the selected fonts are synced across your computers.
Google Fonts in SkyFonts


Playfair Display Black Italic is used to good effect in this art exhibition catalogue designed by Christian Ramsø.Skyggebilleder

New website for the Chancellery of the Polish Prime minister uses Playfair Display

The designers of the website for the Chancellery of the Polish Prime minister have chosen to use Playfair Display as the main typeface.

The Open Source license means that the chancellery can self-serve the webfont-files, which they do. Visit the site here

New website for the Chancellery of the Polish Prime minister uses Playfair Display


Playfair Display have been updated. It now covers the cyrillic glyphs used in Bulgarian, Belarusian, Russian, Bosnian/Serbian (including Serbian morphology for б), and Ukrainian.

Additionally, Playfair Display now comes in three weights and two styles, including small-caps for all weights and styles – also for the cyrillic.

Go to Google Webfonts to use Playfair Display as a webfont, or to download the fonts to your computer. Special fonts containing small-cap glyphs in the place of the lowercase glyphs have also been put on Google Webfonts. Use these fonts for true small-caps in browsers without OpenType capabilities. You do not need to download these fonts as the small-caps are already in Playfair Display proper.

As you may know, Playfair Display is published under the Open Font License 1.1, granting you license to use the fonts free of charge, and enables you to extend & modify the family should you wish to. The complete source-files are available here.

I hope users of the cyrillic script will find good use for Playfair Display, and I wish you much enjoyment with it.

Playfair available through Adobe Edge Web Fonts

Adobe’s recent acquisition Typekit has partnered up with Google Web Fonts to offer a selection of the Google Web Fonts available through Adobe Edge Web Fonts, a new free web font service.

Playfair Display is included in this selection, and I hope it will find even more use among the many web designers and coders.

Adobe Edge Web Fonts website

‘ttfautohint’ as a Service updated to 0.9

Following up on the ttfautohint as a service, here is an updated service with the 0.9 binary. Just download, un-zip, and double-click on the ttfautohint workflow. OS X will prompt you to open or install, choose install, and choose to replace the existing workflow. This service only works in OS X Lion 10.7 and newer.

Download ttfautohint-0.9-as-Service