The Markant family of typefaces engage the contemporary challenges of news typography. Newspapers struggle to stay an attractive proposition to the public. Competition from online sources is strong, and there is no doubt that distribution via the Internet is the future. This has led to a loss of control over the typographical design, as requirements to be compatible with a host of devices, dictate setting the bar for the lowest common denominator.

Especially typography – the key element of conveying content – has suffered tremendously. Web browsers have until now not been able to use typefaces outside of their operating system. This is changing as you read this. The newest generation of browsers now allow designers to specify custom typefaces and use them in browsers, ensuring an elevation of typographical quality to par with printed matters.

The Markant typeface family is designed to perform in legibility, economy of setting and distinct tone of voice, both in print and on the any type of screen.

The Markant family of typefaces are currently in development, and are based on the design I submitted as part of my MA in Reading. You can download the specimen for that design here. An essay going into some detail regarding the development of Markant in the form it was submitted to The University of Reading can be found here.