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Inknut Antiqua

For literature and long-form text in Latin and Devanagari scripts

»Inknut Antiqua« is an Antiqua typeface for literature and long-form text for languages using the Latin or Devanagari scripts. It is designed to evoke Venetian incunabula and humanist manuscripts. It comes with a complement of typographical sorts and OpenType features for the purpose. The proportions of Inknut Antiqua make it well suited for low-resolution screens.

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From captions to headlines, from the expected to the idiosyncratic

Format is a welcoming humanist sans serif with lots of quirky design features to add interest and memorability to any design.

With its one hundred and thirty three fonts, many alternative lettershapes and diacritical marks, Format is a highly flexible family. By selecting the most appropriate combination of styles, weights and font features you can span the range from legible to expressive, from the expected to the idiosyncratic. All within one and the same family.

This makes Format suitable for a wide range of applications. Traditional print publishing, corporate identity programmes, websites, computer and smartphone applications, way-finding and signage, and much more.

The Format typeface family is currently in development.

  • Playfair Display &
  • Playfair Display A4 specimen

Playfair Display

An Open Source typeface family for display and titling use

Playfair is a transitional design. From the time of enlightenment in the late 18th century, the broad nib quills were replaced by pointed steel pens. This influenced typographical letterforms to become increasingly detached from the written ones. Developments in printing technology, ink and paper making, made it possible to print letterforms of high contrast and delicate hairlines.

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  • Markant fk ligature
  • Markant words
  • Markant column


For news in print and on screen

The Markant family of typefaces engage the contemporary challenges of news typography. Newspapers struggle to stay an attractive proposition to the public. Competition from online sources is strong, and there is no doubt that distribution via the Internet is the future. This has led to a loss of control over the typographical design, as requirements to be compatible with a host of devices, dictate setting the bar for the lowest common denominator.

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