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Inknut Antiqua

For literature and long-form text in Latin and Devanagari scripts

»Inknut Anti­qua« is an Anti­qua typeface for lit­er­at­ure and long-​form text for lan­guages using the Latin or Devanagari scripts. It is designed to evoke Vene­tian incun­ab­ula and human­ist manu­scripts. It comes with a com­ple­ment of typo­graph­ical sorts and Open­Type fea­tures for the pur­pose. The pro­por­tions of Inknut Anti­qua make it well suited for low-​resolution screens.

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  • Format heavy g
  • Format styles


From captions to headlines, from the expected to the idiosyncratic

Format is a wel­com­ing human­ist sans serif with lots of quirky design fea­tures to add interest and mem­or­ab­il­ity to any design.

With its one hun­dred and thirty three fonts, many altern­at­ive let­ter­shapes and dia­crit­ical marks, Format is a highly flex­ible fam­ily. By select­ing the most appro­pri­ate com­bin­a­tion of styles, weights and font fea­tures you can span the range from legible to express­ive, from the expec­ted to the idio­syn­cratic. All within one and the same family.

This makes Format suit­able for a wide range of applic­a­tions. Tra­di­tional print pub­lish­ing, cor­por­ate iden­tity pro­grammes, web­sites, com­puter and smart­phone applic­a­tions, way-​finding and sig­nage, and much more.

The Format typeface fam­ily is cur­rently in development.

  • Playfair Display &
  • Playfair Display A4 specimen

Playfair Display

An Open Source typeface family for display and titling use

Play­fair is a trans­itional design. From the time of enlight­en­ment in the late 18th cen­tury, the broad nib quills were replaced by poin­ted steel pens. This influ­enced typo­graph­ical let­ter­forms to become increas­ingly detached from the writ­ten ones. Devel­op­ments in print­ing tech­no­logy, ink and paper mak­ing, made it pos­sible to print let­ter­forms of high con­trast and del­ic­ate hairlines.

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  • Markant fk ligature
  • Markant words
  • Markant column


For news in print and on screen

The Markant fam­ily of typefaces engage the con­tem­por­ary chal­lenges of news typo­graphy. News­pa­pers struggle to stay an attract­ive pro­pos­i­tion to the pub­lic. Com­pet­i­tion from online sources is strong, and there is no doubt that dis­tri­bu­tion via the Inter­net is the future. This has led to a loss of con­trol over the typo­graph­ical design, as require­ments to be com­pat­ible with a host of devices, dic­tate set­ting the bar for the low­est com­mon denominator.

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